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What is a proposed law?
a) Filibuster b) Bill c) Idea d) Cloture
Which of the following is a benefit to being in congress?
a) Salary b) All of them c) Influence in making decisions and change d) Free Postal Service
Who was a President that was impeached?
a) Andrew Johnson b) None of them c) Both of them d) Bill Clinton
Who is the most powerful person in congress?
a) Whips b) The President c) Committee Members d) Speaker of the House
What do we call a group of people that a person in congress represents?
a) Senators b) Representatives c) Judicial Members d) Constituents
Who tries to convince congress people to support the party position?
a) The President b) Senators c) Whigs d) Whips
Which of the following is a goal of congress?
a) Promote General Welfare b) All of them c) Establish Justice d) Provide a Common Defense
Where must all bills dealing with money begin?
a) House of Representatives b) Local Governments c) The President d) The Senate
Who is the presiding officer of the Senate?
a) Speaker of the Senate b) Secretary of the State c) The President d) The Vice President
What is a speech that is used to delay or stop a vote in the Senate?
a) Cloture b) Bill of Attainder c) Veto d) Filibuster
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