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What subjects are taught in Afghanistan schools today?
a) Reading, writing, science, and math b) Writing and science only c) Science and math only d) Reading and writing only
How many students are enrolled in Afghanistan today?
a) 5.4 million b) 6.6 milloin c) 6 thousand d) 7 million
What year did the first high school graduate students in Afghanstan?
a) 1923 b) 1939 c) 1981 d) 1945
Who are Afghanistan schools taught by?
a) Mullahor and Priest b) Priest c) Police d) Mullahor
Who used to be allowed to go to school?
a) Just boys b) Girls and boys c) Just girls d) Muslims
What country has the most enrolled students?
a) Afghanistan b) England c) Canada d) America
Where do the people of Afghanistan go to celebrate during Ramadan?
a) The Blue Mosque b) The Will Rodgers Shrine c) Times Square d) The Empire State Building
Afghanistan and the USA have more than...
a) 7 holidays b) 100 holidays c) 13 holidays d) 11 holidays
The USA and Afghanistan celebrate the same holiday called...
a) Labor Day b) Easter c) Halloween d) Christmas
What do children in Afghanistan use to play a game?
a) Eggs b) Rocks c) Grapes d) Watermelon
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