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What word means very great destruction or disorder?
a) headway b) ignite c) jabber d) havoc
What word means progress toward a destination or goal?
a) jut b) jargon c) havoc d) headway
What word means to talk rapidly and in a senseless manner; chatter?
a) jabber b) ignite c) illuminate d) jut
What word means about to occur?
a) imperious b) jargon c) impending d) headway
What word means to extend sharply outward or upward; project?
a) jostle b) jut c) jargon d) jabber
What word means to cause something to start burning; to begin to burn?
a) illuminate b) ignite c) explosion! d) jut
What word means arrogant; overbearing; domineering?
a) imperious b) jabber c) rude!! d) Mrs. Watford
What word means to provide with light or cast light on someone or something?
a) imperious b) illuminate c) turn on the light switch d) lightning
What word means to bump roughly against another person or thing?
a) jostle b) jut c) jargon d) jabber
What word means the specialized language of a trade, profession, or a group of people?
a) jostle b) jargon c) jut d) what???!!!!
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