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What are the 3 shapes of bacteria?
a) coccus, bacillus and spirillum b) coccus, round and curly c) triangle, circle and square d) protist, fungi and algae
Which is a nonliving pathogen?
a) parasite b) bacteria c) virus d) fungi
Which is an organism without a definite nucleus?
a) eukaryote b) prokaryote c) virus d) microbe
Which is NOT a characteristic of a living organism?
a) need a host in order to reproduce b) composed of cells c) respond to stimuli such as light and touch d) make their own food or ingest nutrients from the environment
Anything that disrupts normal life functions is called a
a) microbe b) disease c) bacteria d) virus
A bacteria that has mutated and become resistant to antibiotics is called a
a) super bacteria b) super agent c) resistant bacteria d) mutagen
An organism that is infected with a disease but shows no symptoms is a
a) host b) epidemic c) insect d) carrier
When a disease is spread and causes an outbreak in a contained area:
a) pandemic b) epidemic c) contagious d) transmitted
Malaria is spread by what vector?
a) tick b) bat c) worms d) mosquito
What part of a cell holds the DNA
a) nucleus b) mitochondria c) ribosomes d) cytopalsm
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