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If you volunteer to fold clothes or wash dishes then which personality are you?
a) Organizer b) Doer c) Persuader d) Helper
If your binder or notebook is nice and neat then which personality are you?
a) Doer b) Thinker c) Persuader d) Organizer
If you like to read which personality are you?
a) Thinker b) Doer c) Helper d) Organizer
Someone who is efficient, orderly and likes to follow the rules.
a) Thinker b) Doer c) Helper d) Organizer
Your personality is important to help you select what?
a) Career b) Schedule c) Health d) Budget
Someone with leadership ability who likes to persuade or influence other people.
a) Persuader b) Organizer c) Thinker d) Doer
Someone who enjoys pitching in and helping others.
a) Persuader b) Thinker c) Creator d) Helper
Someone who likes to use their imagination to solve problems and who likes to draw, write or play a musical instrument.
a) Doer b) Creator c) Helper d) Persuader
Someone who likes to solve intellectual problems and who is good in Science and Math.
a) Persuader b) Creator c) Doer d) Thinker
Someone who likes to work with your hands and fix things.
a) Thinker b) Creator c) Organizer d) Doer
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