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In what direction do air currents travel?
a) up and down b) all directions c) side to side d) downward only
What causes hot air to rise?
a) There is less of it b) It is trying to escape out to space c) The hot air is less dense d) The cold air is less dense
In which direction do winds travel?
a) up and down b) horizontally c) up only d) down only
What does wind speed depend on?
a) differences in temperature b) differences in water vapor c) differences in gases d) differences in air pressure and temperature
What effect does the Sun's uneven heating of the Earth have on weather patterns?
a) It causes the seasons b) It causes earthquakes c) The Sun's uneven heating drive our weather patterns d) It has no effect
Where on Earth would you expect to find the warmest and least dense air?
a) North America b) The Equator c) The North Pole d) The South Pole
Where on Earth would you expect to find the coldest and densest air?
a) The North or South Pole b) Australia c) Canada d) The Equator
Why does cold air push warm air upward?
a) It is heavier and more dense than warm air b) That is just the way it is! c) It is mean and likes to push warm air around d) It is lighter and less dense than warm air
Will the speed of a wind be greater if the difference in air pressure is large or small?
a) Doesn\'t matter b) A small difference c) Larger d) Smaller
What are the differences between highs and lows?
a) Altitude b) Air pressure c) Temperature d) Water vapor
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