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a) The process by which all living things make food. b) The process by which Plants use sunlight to manufacture food c) The process by which energy is released from foods. d)
What raw materials are needed for Photosynthesis?
a) water, Oxygen and sunlight b) Water, carbon dioxide and Oxygen c) Water, Carbon Dioxide and sunlight d) Glucose and Oxygen
Where does Photosynthesis occur in plants?
a) In the leaves b) In the stem c) In the root d) In the stomata
The products of Photosynthesis are.....
a) Oxygen and Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen and glucose c) Carbon dioxide and water d) Sunlight and Glucose
Organisms that manufacture their own food are called?
a) Producers b) Consumers c) Herbivores d) Carnivores
The green pigment in plants that trap sunlight are called?
a) plasmids b) Chlorophyll c) vacuole d) Nucleus
Photosynthesis occurs in ....
a) animal cells b) both animal and plant cells c) plant cells only d)
The water that plants need for Photosynthesis is transported in special cells called?
a) Phloem b) Xylem c) d)
Why do plant cells have a larger vacuole than animal cells?
a) To store materials produced such as food b) To keep extra waste c) To trap sunlight d) To store oxygen
Organisms that eat plant materials only are called
a) Carnivores b) Herbivores c) Omnivores d) Decomposers
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