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We see different colors because of different .....
a) wavelengths b) frequencies c) absorptions d) diffractions
sound waves travel
a) away from their source b) toward their source c) any way they want d) in a perpendicular line
the reason we see objects outside a beam is because of
a) absorption b) reflection c) refraction d) compression
all sound needs
a) vibration b) vacuum c) water d) empty space
If your friend has blue eyes, we say that this part of her eye is blue
a) iris b) cornea c) pupil d) lens
this is why we see strawberries as the color red
a) red is reflected b) red is absorbed c) blue and yellow are reflected d) all colors are absorbed
You notice that a piece of wax paper over your book allows you to see some light, but not the picture. The wax paper is
a) translucent b) transparent c) opaque d) smooth
which of the following would reflect light the best?
a) glass b) a carpet c) a sidewalk d) grass
as light moves away from a source it gets....
a) dimmer b) brighter c) more yellow d) straighter
which statement about a sound wave is true?
a) they are longitudinal waves b) they need a vacuum c) they only exist if you hear them d) air moves with them
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