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An example that applies “Detach” to test taking is when you
a) accept your emotions and recognize that you can get help with your test preparation skills. b) none of these c) recognize that you are not a good test taker and drop out of school. d) recognize that your self-worth is diminished after failing a test.
Grades are not a measure of your self worth?
a) true b) c) d) false
Which of the following is an effective review tool?
a) all of these b) Flashcards c) Mind map summary sheets d) Study checklists
If you see the word summarize in an essay question, you should give a brief, condensed account of the concept including main ideas and conclusions but avoid supporting details
a) true b) false c) d)
Ask other students how much they studied is an effective study stratagy.
a) false b) c) d) true
Which questions on a test should you answer first?
a) Shortest easiest questions b) Short answer c) True False d) Multiple-choice questions
Absolute qualifiers such as always or never in a true-false question generally indicate a true statement.
a) false b) c) d) true
When you recieve a test back you should find out the answers to questions you missed.
a) true b) c) d) false
8.A study checklist should contain a detailed description of each item to study (review sheet).
a) false b) c) d) true
Methods to deal with test anxiety include
a) all of these b) taking time to scan your body. c) mentally yelling “stop!” d) taking a few long, deep breaths.
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