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Teacher involved in the "Monkey" trial
a) John Scopes b) Alvin York c) Dan Monkey d) Oliver Twist
Towns where alcoholic beverages were permitted
a) Wet Towns b) Dry Towns c) Drinking Towns d) Evil Towns
Theory that man developed from earlier simpler life forms
a) Evolution b) Creation c) Daytonism d) Scientific Theory
Leader of women's movement to oppose suffrage for women
a) Mrs. Arthur Dodge b) Alvin York c) WC Handy d) John Scopes
Towns where the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited
a) Dry Towns b) Wet Towns c) Evil Towns d) Clown Towns
The manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages was made illegal by the
a) 18th Amendment b) 19th Amendment c) 20th Amendment d) 21st Amendment
The first experienced educator to be appointed as state superintendent of education was
a) Seymour Mynders b) Alvin York c) WC Handy d) John Scopes
The Pendleton law
a) prohibited the sale of alcohol in all but 4 locations b) established a school year of 8 months c) set aside funds to build governors mansion d) made teaching evolution illegal
The Scopes trial was about
a) Evolution b) Prohibition c) Normal Schools d) Suffrage
Alvin York was awarded
a) Medal of Honor b) Medal of Security c) Medal of Anger d) Medal of Bravery
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