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the process by which plants use sunlight to make their own food
a) germination b) chlorophyll c) photosynthesis d) decomposition
weather instrument used to measure air pressure
a) barometer b) thermometer c) anemometer d) hygrometer
part of the plant where food is produced
a) stem b) leaves c) flowers d) roots
term used to describe the sprouting of a seed
a) photosynthesis b) metamorphosis c) hatching d) germination
stage of the water cycle where a gas cools off and changes back into a liquid
a) evaporation b) condensation c) runoff d) precipitation
weather instrument used to measure wind speed
a) barometer b) hygrometer c) anemometer d) rain gauge
stage of the water cycle where a liquid heats up and changes into a gas
a) transpiration b) precipitation c) condensation d) evaporation
part of the plant that anchors it, and absorbs water and minerals from the soil
a) roots b) flowers c) stem d) leaves
type of tree that loses its leaves in the fall
a) evergreen b) coniferous c) hardwood d) deciduous
rain, snow, sleet and hail are all forms of this
a) condensation b) infiltration c) precipitation d) evaporation
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