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Local governments exercise all of the following powers except?
a) parliamentary b) executive c) judicial d) legislative
In Virginia counties, who exercises legislative powers, enacts local laws, and adopts an annual budget?
a) Elected board of supervisors b) Town Council c) Mayor d) Sheriff
What document gives local governments in VA their powers?
a) The VA Constitution b) The Declaration of Independence c) The U.S. Constitution d) The VA Declaration of Rights
What is an ordinance?
a) A local rule or law b) A meeting c) An order d) A document
Who is the local legislative body in independent cities and incorporated towns?
a) A treasurer b) A clerk of the circuit courts c) An elected board of supervisors d) An elected council
Who is the local legislative body in counties responsible for passing laws for the county?
a) A clerk of the circuit court b) Elected board of supervisors c) Elected council d) Treasurer
Enforcing state and local laws, protecting the environment, regulating land use, and educating children are powers of?
a) Private citizens b) Media and interest groups c) National government d) Local government
The Virginia Constitution requires that voters elect all of the following except a?
a) Manager b) Sheriff c) Commissioner of Revenue d) Treasurer
In every Virginia locality, who resolves judicial disputes?
a) State courts b) Mayor c) Sheriff d) Clerk of the Circuit Court
Who oversees the operation of the K-12 public schools in the city or the county?
a) The School Board b) The Treasurer c) The Sheriff d) The Mayor
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