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What is a tempo?
a) Graceful b) In time; generally implies a return to original rate of speed c) Smooth and connected d) Sweetly
What is accelerando?
a) Gradually faster b) In singing style c) From the beginning d) Spirited
What is al fine?
a) The end b) Semi tones c) To the finish d) Marked with emphasis
What is allegro?
a) Rapid, lively b) Faster c) Happy d) Smiling
What is andantino
a) From the sign b) Generally a little quicker than andante c) Very softy d) Moderately
What is the meaning of catabile?
a) Semi tones b) Very loud c) The sign d) In a singing style
What is tempo?
a) Gradually faster b) Speed in music c) Time d) Beat
What is the meaning of adagio?
a) Moderate tempo b) Slow tempo c) Soft intensity d) Rapid movement
What is aimato?
a) Spirited b) Smooth and connected c) Very slow d) A study
What is ritardando?
a) Gradually faster b) Slow c) Gradually slower d) Fast
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