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The regular rise and fall of the water level along the shore
a) tides b) earthquake c) volcano d) waves
Everything that exists
a) universe b) Africa c) South America d) North America
This bounces waves of light off a surface
a) reflection b) lenses c) mirrors d) refraction
One of the shapes of the lighted part of the Moon
a) phases b) tides c) solar eclipse d) lunar eclipse
This is the distance from one peak to another
a) wavelength b) phase c) tide d) frequency
This device collects light
a) telescope b) refraction c) mirror d) lens
This is caused bt the pull of gravity between the Moon and Earth
a) tide b) flood c) volcano d) earthquake
The Earth does this on its axis
a) rotate b) both a and B c) nothing d) revolve
This is where a new day begins
a) International Date Line b) Howell c) Haiti d) Africa
If you travel west you would
a) lose an hour for each time zone you cross b) gain two hours for each time zone your cross c) lose two hours for each time zone you cross d) gain an hour for each time zone you cross
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