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What type of correspondence would be BEST to complain about a restaurant?
a) Unbound report b) Personal business letter c) Memo d) Table
What's the key that moves from cell to cell in a table? And also, lines up info (minutes).
a) Space bar b) Tab c) Cursor Keys d) Backspace
How should the main titled be keyed in a table?
a) All capital letters, bold, and centered b) Initial capital letters, bold, and centered c) All lower case letters, bold, and left aligned d) Initial capital letters, underlined, and right aligned
What should be the line spacing in the work cited?
a) Single space within and double space between b) Double spaced c) Single spaced d)
What is the formatting of Titles (table, report, work cited)?
a) Bold b) Center, All Cap c) Initial Cap d) Underlined and All Cap
What are the margins used to format a report?
a) Top, left, right, and bottom margins are 1 inch. b) Top margin is 2 inches. Left, right, and bottom margins are 1 inch. c) Top margin, Left, right, and bottom are 2 inches. d)
The __________ __________ key locks the alphabetic keys in uppercase so that you can easily key all capital letters.
a) Caps Lock b) Num Lock c) Tab d)
The business owner hand wrote a letter that was given to his secretary to key using word processing software. What should be included on the letter?
a) Enclosure b) Copy Notation c) Attachment d) Typist initials
Billy needs to type a bibliography/reference page for the report that he just typed. Which paragraph format should he use?
a) Block b) Indented c) Hanging Indent d)
Billy’s teacher has asked him to type a report about Asian food. Which paragraph format should he use?
a) Block b) Indented c) Hanging Indent d)
What is a work cited?
a) Bibliography b) Report c) Homework d) Information and page numbers
Which business document has a salutation and closing?
a) Email b) Minutes c) Agenda d) Letter
Which document lists all items that WERE discussed during a meeting?
a) Email b) Letter c) Minutes d) Agenda
Which document is prepared before a meeting?
a) Minutes b) Agenda c) Letter d) Email
Which comes first?
a) Title Page b) Work Cited c) Report d) Table of Contents
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