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I helped plant a beautiful garden at my school.
a) helped b) beautiful c) garden d) school
The dirt was rocky, so we added soil.
a) dirt b) added c) soil d) rocky
We planted tomato plants in five rows.
a) planted b) five c) rows d) tomato
We will pick them when they are ripe.
a) ripe b) pick c) they d) will
Then, we will make a tasty sauce for spaghetti.
a) will b) sauce c) spaghetti d) tasty
I have a blue and green coat.
a) blue b) coat c) green d) blue, green
My mom made the coat with colorful sweaters.
a) made b) coat c) colorful d) sweaters
The moon is very bright.
a) moon b) bright c) is d) very
He was happy to go to school.
a) happy b) school c) go d) he
The line for the movie tickets was long.
a) line b) movie c) tickets d) long
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