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Working with numbers, researching, and doing a science experiment are examples of what learning style?
a) data b) ideas c) people d) things
Participating in concerts, ballet recitals, and Broadway plays are examples of what learning style?
a) intrapersonal b) logical/mathematical c) musical/rhythmic d) naturalistic
Adding numbers, keeping records, and remembering details are all examples of which type of skills?
a) mental b) physical c) social d) spatial
Enjoying a new school and liking a new neighborhood are transferable skills in what category?
a) listening b) adaptability c) teamwork d) technology
Watching TV, drawing, and reading are all examples of:
a) attitudes b) data c) hobbies d) things
Being friendly, pleasant, and positive are all examples of what?
a) ideas b) interests c) values d) attitudes
Wanting to spend time with family, having money, and fun are all examples of:
a) attitudes b) values c) ideas d) interests
Which are examples of values?
a) family, money, and quality time b) ideas, interests, and attitudes c) plays, woodworking, and data d) videotaping, researching, and running
Athletic examples and mechanical are examples of which learning style?
a) visual/spatial b) interpersonal c) intrapersonal d) bodily/kinesthetic
Which is an example of Brooke's feeling?
a) acting playful b) being excited c) riding a bike d) walking home
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