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__________ desert lizards are sitting on the rock.
a) Two b) Into c) Starts d) Watch
The bird flew _______ the big cactus.
a) three b) starts c) into d) four
There are _______ birds resting in the sun.
a) starts b) three c) over d) into
A hawk flew ______ the tall rocks.
a) starts b) watch c) three d) over
A desert flower has ______ red spots.
a) five b) watch c) starts d) over
The desert ______ to cool down at sunset.
a) four b) into c) starts d) two
All _____ legs of a fox are strong.
a) into b) four c) watch d) starts
The rabbits ________ and listen for danger.
a) over b) watch c) five d) two
Can you ________ my fish for me?
a) into b) watch c) starts d) over
I am glad that lunch _______ at one.
a) into b) two c) starts d) watch
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