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What general was leaning on a pillar that was struck with a cannonball which took him out of the battle?
a) Lee b) Sherman c) Hooker d) Grant
What general's plan used gunpowder to create a large crater at Petersburg?
a) Burnside b) Grant c) Sherman d) McClellan
What general was named Fighting Joe?
a) Joseph Hooker b) Sherman c) Grant d) Joe Blacknet
Who went against Lincoln in his second term after the person was fired by Lincoln?
a) Burnside b) McClellan c) Pickett d) Sherman
Who led the army in the battle of First Bull Run?
a) Lincoln b) Sherman c) McClellan d) Grant
What general was shot in the groin but continued to fight?
a) Sherman b) Hooker c) Grant d) Hancock
Who led the hold on cemetery ridge?
a) Hancock b) Pickett c) Sherman d) Grant
What army surrendered to Grant ending the war?
a) Lee's b) Stonewall Jackson c) Pickett d) McClellan
What key western city did Grant take during the war?
a) Clearwater b) Atlanta c) Vicksburg d) Miami
Who was in charge of the Union Army during the bloodiest single day in the war?
a) McClellan b) Sherman c) Burnside d) Grant
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