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to have as a part of something
a) compress b) outlet c) involve d) capable
to make smaller
a) compress b) essential c) display d) cumbersome
very important
a) involve b) development c) compress d) essential
awkward to carry because of shape, size, or weight
a) outlet b) cumbersome c) capable d) essential
all tools and machines humans create to make their lives easier
a) compress b) outlet c) involve d) technology
the process of making or improving something
a) capable b) display c) development d) essential
to show
a) display b) technology c) app d) capable
a place on the wall where you can plug in electrical cords
a) involve b) compress c) technology d) outlet
an abbreviation for the word application when referring to technology
a) compress b) essential c) app d) display
being able to do something
a) capable b) involve c) cumbersome d) development
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