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Soupy mixture in your stomach after food sits?
a) Chyme b) Bile c) insulin d) nutrients
Separate muscle contractions which helps move food?
a) Chewing b) Mechanical c) Peristalsis d) Esophagus
Purpose of digestion is?
a) To produce chyme b) To break down food into nutrients that can be used c) Strengthen your muscles d) Make urine
Organ that separates water and food and produces waste?
a) Pancreas b) Stomach c) Small Intestine d) Large Intestine
Biggest organ that produces bile?
a) Pancreas b) Liver c) Gall Bladder d) Stomach
First part of small intestine that neutralizes acids from the stomach?
a) Large Intestine b) Esophagus c) Duodenum d) Appendix
Holding area for waste (feces) before it leavves the body?
a) Rectum b) Anus c) Stomach d) Large Intestine
Storage area for bile?
a) Pancreas b) Gall Bladder c) Stomach d) Small Intestine
Organ largely responsible for absorption of nutrients?
a) Liver b) Large Intestine c) Stomach d) Small Intestine
Organ that churns food and breaks it down into chyme?
a) Small Intestine b) Large Intestine c) Stomach d) Liver
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