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What units are usually used to measure mass?
a) cups and gallons b) grams and kilograms c) inches and feet d) miles and kilometers
Matter can be described by its:
a) color b) size c) properties d) color, size, and properties
A balance measures an object\'s __________.
a) volume b) properties c) mass d) weight
On earth, matter is usually found in how many forms or states?
a) one b) ten c) three d) six
Name the three states of matter.
a) cash, coins, bills b) paint, color, pens c) solid, liquid, and gas d) rocks, stones, water
Water can easily change its:
a) shape b) both shape and state of matter, but not volume c) volume d) state of matter
Air is _________.
a) matter b) matter and gas c) liquid d) gas
Ice is a _________.
a) liquid b) molecule c) solid d) gas
Water vapor is a _______.
a) gas b) atom c) solid d) liquid
What do the particles in a solid do?
a) stay close together b) all of the above c) move back and forth d) pull toward each other
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