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True or false weight is a forcr
a) True b) No answer c) No answer d) False
True or false...A lubricant reduces pressure
a) True b) No answer c) No answer d) False
A barometer is used to measure
a) weight b) force c) air pressure d) mass
True or false...Friction slows down moving objects
a) True b) False c) No answer d) No Answer
a ball rolls off a table and hits the floor the force that caused the ball to hit the floor is
a) friction b) wind c) gravity d) magnetic force
A sub rising to the surface from the bottom of the ocean...
a) is going from low to high pressure b) Subs are something you eat c) there is no pressure d) from high to low pressure
A hydraulic lift uses force from
a) weight b) friction c) air pressure d) fluid Pressure
An apple falls to the ground because
a) a magnetic force b) friction c) electric force d) gravity
If it takes 25 N to push a car at a constant speed the friction b/w the road and tire is
a) 20N b) 5N c) 15N d) 25N
As wheels of a bike move over a road they must overcome
a) sliding friction b) air resistance c) rolling friction d) gravity
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