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Where was the Union Pacific's starting point?
a) Sacramento California b) Greenville Illinois c) Omaha Nebraska d) Denver Colorado
What was found in the Black Hills which led to conflict over land?
a) food b) gold c) fish d) buffalo
What was the last major victory for the Native Americans?
a) Wounded Knee b) Little Bighorn c) Rough Riders d) Strike
Where did a large number of immigrants live when they came to the US?
a) slums b) Denver c) different towns d) anywhere they could find
What city was centered around the flour mill industry?
a) Boston b) Chicago c) Kansas d) Minneapolis
Who led the USA to acquire Alaska
a) Teddy Roosevelt b) George Washington c) William Seward d) Abraham Lincoln
When workers didn't get what they wanted, some would go on
a) vacation b) strike c) leave d) slums
Which Railroad was dangerous when being built because of explosions in the Sierra Nevada Mountains?
a) Central Pacific b) Union Pacific c) Californian d) Pacific
Why was gaining Hawaii good for the US?
a) pretty b) Naval base, good climate for crops c) warm d) far away from other states
What did the US purchase for $7.2 million?
a) Hawaii b) Russia c) Alaska d) Nebraska
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