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is the main idea expressed in a narrative about life.
a) theme b) moral c) main idea d) all of the above
is a collaboration of terms that have opposite meaning, such as jumbo shrimp.
a) irony b) idiom c) hyberbole d) oxymoron
is the author’s attitude taken toward a specific audience, subject, or character in a text.
a) mood b) imagery c) tone d) irony
is an author’s partiality to a certain belief expressed through the text.
a) authors judgement b) authors conflict c) authors annoyance d) authors bias
is a device that tries to persuade a reader to believe the author’s purpose.
a) irony b) persuasion c) propoganda d) bias
is the key point made by the author in a text.
a) central idea b) central air c) central owner d) central drive
is an expression that must be learned as a whole, not as separate words.
a) euphemism b) connotation c) denotation d) idiom
is a group of words, such as to pass away, that is interpreted differently from its original meaning.
a) connotation b) euphemism c) imagery d) denotation
is a sound added to the beginning or end of a word to create another word.
a) affix b) suffix c) prefix d) root
are indicators within the text that explain unfamiliar terms.
a) prefix b) suffix c) clue d) context clues
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