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What do the creative arts include?
a) Music, Movement, Drama b) Dancing, Movement, Drama c) Drama, Theater, Music d) Music, Movement, Eating
Which one is a goal of creative art?
a) attachment b) to become an artist c) music d) engagement
What is symbolic representation?
a) scaffolding b) symbols in childrens art c) ability to create d) One item stands for something else
What are the stages of artisitic development?
a) combining shapes and making stick people b) Al of the above c) scribbling d) making shapes
Which one does drama teach?
a) sequencing b) shapes c) patterns d) math
What do children learn from visual literacy?
a) ability to create pictures b) ability to create, to perceive and understand c) ability to create, ability to talk about it d) ability to extend their thinking
What makes an effective teacher?
a) encouragement b) disrespect c) more academics d) time
What does music consist of?
a) laughing b) Dancing c) Joking d) speaking another language
What does visual art allow children to do?
a) Share Ideas b) Express feelings c) Gain Knowledge d) All of the above
The arts are inclusive of who?
a) Latinos b) African American c) Children d) All of the above
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