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Which refers to the arrangement of different elements (i.e., colors, shapes, figures, lines, movements, and lightning) within a frame and in a scene?
a) Ratio to image b) Pan c) Composition d) Tilt
What is the term used to describe images that are displayed one at a time and pan from one point to another while zooming in or out when they are displayed?
a) Pan and Zoom b) Tilt c) Composition d) Analog
Which of the following "basic camera shot"terms would best describe a photo of a person's face?
a) Wide Shot b) Linear Editing c) Close Up d) Nonlinear Editing
Which type of editing involves a " tape-based systems where the data (audio/video) occurs in sequence from beginning to end?
a) Nonlinear editing b) Linear editing c) Editing d) Caption editing
Which term best describes editing that typically relys on a computer-based systems where data can be found instantly without regard to the sequence it was recorded in.
a) Editing b) Linear editing c) Nonlinear editing d) Digital Waves
What type of film shot involves using a crane to conduct the shot?
a) Caption b) Analog c) Digital d) Crane shot
When copying one video tape to another video tape you are using what type of editing?
a) Nonlinear Editing b) Linear Editing c) d)
Which type of editing does not require that you rewind and fast forward in order to edit?
a) Linear Editing b) Nonlinear Editing c) d)
A " record" would be an example of a ___________device.
a) Analog b) Digital c) d)
A "CD" would be an example of a __________device.
a) Analog b) Digital c) d)
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