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a colonist who was against British rule and loved their country enought to fight for it:
a) nerd b) neutralist c) loyalist d) patriot
to join together for a common purpose or belief; make as one:
a) unite b) rights c) boycott d) tax
an overthrow or forced change in government:
a) congress b) unite c) revolution d) loyalist
freedom from someone else's control:
a) congress b) independence c) tax d) parliament
money citizens pay to their government for services:
a) rights b) tax c) boycott d) minutement
the British government that made laws for the colonies:
a) parliament b) tax c) revolution d) congress
colonists who remained loyal to Britain and supported British control of the colonies:
a) nerd b) patriot c) loyalist d) neutralist
members of the colonial troops who had promised to take the field in battle on short notice
a) parliament b) congress c) minutemen d) goonies
a group of people who meet to discuss a subject; they represent other people:
a) rights b) loyalist c) patriot d) congress
a refusal to buy goods or services
a) boycott b) rights c) parliament d) congress
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