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What continent was the Roman empire part of?
a) Europe, Australia, Africa b) Australia, Europe, Asia c) Europe, Asia, Africa d) Asia, Europe
What waterways belonged to the the Indus Valley empire?
a) Tiber River b) Indus River c) Nile River d) Euphrates River
Where was the Fertile Crescent?
a) Asia b) Europe c) Australia d) Africa
What empires were based upon the Mediterranean Sea?
a) Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indus b) Roman, Indus, Egyptian c) Greek, Mongolian, Egyptian d) Roman, Greek, Egyptian
Which culture was the least dependent on a major river?
a) Egypt b) Greece c) China d) Indus Valley
What empire was located the farthest West?
a) Greek b) Mesopotamian c) Roman d) Chinese
Which empire had the least available Farmland
a) Greek b) Chinese c) Mesopotamian d) Egyptian
What empire was the only one to be located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean?
a) Indus Valley b) Mesopotamian c) Egyptian d) Chinese
What empire originated from a peninsula
a) Chinese b) Roman c) Indus Valey d) Egyptian
What empire did not exist next to a large desert?
a) Greek b) Chinese c) Egyptian d) Mesopotamian
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