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God of the Underworld
a) Hades b) Prometheus c) Poseidon d) Zeus
Goddess of Love and Beauty who\'s married to Hephaetus
a) Hera b) Gaea c) Aphrodite d) Hestia
Goddess of wisdom
a) Artemis b) Hera c) Aphrodite d) Athena
Mother of Persephone, goddess of harvest
a) Demeter b) Aphrodite c) Hestia d) Hera
The first goddess and mother of the Titans
a) Hestia b) Gaea c) Hera d) Demeter
Child of Zeus who\'s known for starting wars
a) Apollo b) Ares c) Hermes d) Artemis
God of sun, poetry, and medicine
a) Apollo b) Ares c) Hermes d) Artemis
God of wine
a) Apollo b) Hephaestus c) Dionysus d) Ares
Goddess of hearth and marriage
a) Athena b) Aphrodite c) Demeter d) Hestia
Created men and gave them fire
a) Prometheus b) Hera c) Zeus d) Poseidon
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