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The process by which a cell divides into two daughter cells is called
a) cell division b) mitosis c) interphase d) metaphase
When during the cell cycle are chromosomes visible?
a) only during interphase b) only during the G1 phase c) when they are being duplicated d) only during cell division
Which event occurs during interphase?
a) centrioles appear b) the cell grows c) spindle fibers begin to form d) centromeres divide
The first phase of mitosis is called
a) prophase b) interphase c) metaphase d) anaphase
During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up along the middle of the dividing cell?
a) prophase b) telophase c) anaphase d) metaphase
The two main stages of cell division are called
a) cytokinesis and mitosis b) synthesis and cytokinesis c) mitosis and interphase d) the M phase and the S phase
One difference between cell division in plant cells and in animal cells is that plant cells have
a) centrioles b) chromatin c) a cell plate d) centromeres
What happens when cells come into contact with other cells?
a) they divide more quickly b) they produce p 53 c) the produce cyclins d) they stop growing
Cancer cells form masses of cells called
a) growth factors b) p 53 c) cyclins d) tumors
Cancer is a disorder in which some cells have lost the ability to control their
a) size b) surface area c) growth rate d) spindle fibers
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