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Shivering helps keep the body warm when the temperatures are cool. This is an example of
a) Diffusion b) Homeostasis c) Osmosis d) Transport
The gummy bear gained water through what process? HINT: What process deals with only water?
a) Osmosis b) Active Transport c) Diffusion d) Homeostasis
The movement of particles from more crowded areas to less crowded areas is called...
a) Homeostasis b) Active Transport c) Diffusion d) Osmosis
The movement of particles from less crowded areas to more crowded areas is called
a) Active Transport b) Homeostasis c) Diffusion d) Osmosis
What cell organelle controls what enters or exits the cell?
a) Nucleus b) Cell Membrane c) Mitochondria d) Ribosome
When you walk past a restaurant you can smell the food cooking because of
a) Homeostasis b) Cells staying in one place c) Active Transport d) Diffusion
This type of transport requires energy to be used by the cell.
a) Active Transport b) Passive Transport c) Diffusion d) Osmosis
the movement of water through a membrane
a) Osmosis b) Diffusion c) Active Transport d) Homeostasis
the balance that all living things maintain in order to survive
a) Biotic b) Abiotic c) Homeostasis d) Diffusion
Which of the following in an example of homeostasis?
a) Putting on more clothes when you are hot b) Drinking water after sweating to replace the lost water c) Going swimming on a cold day d) Eating food when you are full
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