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What was the fuel of the Industrial Revolution?
a) Intelligent people b) Coal c) Radium d) Petroleum
Which of the following was not a reform of Napoleon?
a) Establishment of Public Schools b) Price Controls c) The Ability to Question the Leader d) Construction of Roads
What is the idea that you could use science to make life better called?
a) Enlightenment b) Industrial Revolution c) Political Revolution d) Blind Revolution Mad
What is a systematic way of performing experiments?
a) Randomization b) Scientific Revolution c) Enlightenment d) Scientific Method
Which of the following was not an area of life affected by the Enlightenment?
a) Government b) Politics c) Religion d) Baseball
Who was a challenge Napoleon's attempt to create an empire in Europe?
a) Great Britain b) Japan c) Belgium d) Germany
Who was a supporter of Divine Right of Kings?
a) John Locke b) Thomas Hobbes c) Ben Franklin d) Thomas Jefferson
Which of the following was a key discovery during the Scientific Revolution?
a) That the Earth was round b) Splitting of the Atom c) Discovery of tiny microorganisms d) Haley's Comet
Which of the following countries made the most profound statement about protection of rights?
a) United States b) France c) England d) Germany
What ill-advised invasion signaled the end for Napoleon?
a) Belgium b) Japan c) Russia d) United States
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