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Each square on the periodic table has these four things
a) atomic number, chemical symbol, name of the element and atomic mass b) Carlos, Alena, Austin and Ruben c) protonic number, place of origin, date of discovery and scientific method d) atomic number, place of origin, name of the element and date of discovery
These elements are shiny, malleable, conductive, reactive and have magnetism
a) metals b) Jacobs c) metalloids d) nonmetals
Malleable means
a) has the ability to transfer electricity b) they act like magnets c) that a substance can be pounded into a shape d) how easily an element combines with another
Metalloids have some of the characteristics of
a) metals and of nonmetals b) just nonmetals c) just metals d) molecules
Metalloids are hard, somewhat reactive, have varying abilities as conductors and are
a) hot to the touch b) annoying c) brittle d) cold to the touch
Brittle means that something is
a) hard to break b) really small c) impossible to break d) easy to break
Nonmetals are brittle, will readily form compounds with other elements and are
a) shiny b) fearless c) dull d) sharp
Protons have a
a) negative charge b) credit card to help them charge Xbox360 games at Gamestop. c) positive charge d) neutral charge
Neutrons have a
a) negative charge b) charge brought against them in the court of law. c) positive charge d) neutral charge
Electrons have a
a) negative charge b) charger for a smartphone that does not work fast enough. c) positive charge d) neutral charge
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