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"The brightly colored yellow, gree, purple, and blue costumes seen during the Mardi Gras parade made the atmosphere so exciting" is an example of which type of imagery?
a) smell b) sight c) d)
What color is the color of royalty (kings and queens)?
a) black b) purple c) d)
What is sight imagery?
a) When an author uses words that relate to the reader's sense of sight. b) When an author uses words that relate to the reader's sense of taste. c) d)
A woman who has been a marathon runner of 20 years dies of a heart attack. What type of irony is this?
a) situational b) dramatic c) d)
Which color symbolizes coolness, calmness, and cleanliness?
a) blue b) purple c) d)
When something happens in a story or movie when a character or the narrator remembers something that happened to them in the past, it's called
a) imagery b) flashback c) d)
What is situational irony?
a) When something happens that is the oppositve of what is expected. b) When authors use words to describe things using words related to our 5 senses. c) d)
What type of irony is it when someone says the opposite of what he really means?
a) verbal irony b) dramatic irony c) d)
It was pouring down rain, but my brother commented, "What a beautiful day is is!" What type of irony is this?
a) situational b) verbal c) d)
What literary device is used to describe things (like people, places, objects) using words related to our five senses?
a) irony b) imagery c) d)
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