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What is dramtic irony?
a) When an author uses words that appeal to the reader's sense of hearing. b) When an audience knows something that the characters in a story don't know. c) d)
What does the American flag symbolize?
a) pain b) freedom c) d)
What does the color red symbolize?
a) peace b) love c) d)
AUthors use flashbacks to
a) show the readers what will happen to the characters in the future b) help the readers understand events that happened to the characters before the story began. c) d)
What does the color yellow symbolize?
a) happiness b) death c) d)
A man who is know as a perfect gentleman slams the door in a woman's face. This is an example of which type of irony?
a) situational b) dramatic c) d)
The "sentence" "She screeched and screamed like a spoiled child" is an example of which type of imagery?
a) taste imagery b) sound imagery c) d)
"Years ago, Michael stole a bike from his neighbor. He never got caught and never told anyone, but he always felt guilty." This is an example of
a) situational irony b) flashback c) d)
In many hoor movies, the audience knows where the murdere is but the character does not. This is an example of
a) dramatic irony b) sound imagery c) d)
Something that is usually a physical object which represents something else, such as an abstract idea is called
a) irony b) symbolism c) d)
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