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An organism that belongs to the kingdom Protista
a) heterotroph b) producer c) protist d) fungi
An organism that gets food by eating other organisms or their byproducts and that cannot make organic compounds from inorganic material
a) host b) parasite c) producer d) heterotroph
An organism that feeds on an organism of another species (the host) and that usually harms the host; the host never benefits from the presence of the parasite
a) host b) parasite c) heterotroph d) protist
An organism from which a parasite takes food or shelter
a) host b) parasite c) producer d) fungi
Most protists are made of ___ cells.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
All protists are
a) prokaryotic. b) eukaryotic. c) multi-celled d) photosynthetic
Paramecium exchange genetic material through a process called
a) multiple fission b) binary fission c) conjugation d) chloroplast
Some protists make their own food and are called
a) composers b) producers c) decomposers d) parasites
What process to protists use to reproduce asexually?
a) conjugation b) binary fission c) single-cell fission d) photosynthesis
Heterotrophs that must break down dead organisms to get nutrients are called
a) decomposers b) producers c) parasites d) vegetarians
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