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What is in between the load and the fulcrum in a third class lever
a) effort b) load c) fulcrum d) lever
a) Lever b) wheel and axle c) wedge d) screw
a) Lever b) inclined plane c) screw d) wedge
a) lever b) wedge c) inclined plane d) screw
a) wheel and axle b) wedge c) screw d) inclined plane
a) wedge b) inclined plane c) lever d) screw
twist-off bottle cap
a) screw b) lever c) inclined plane d) wedge
a) inclined plane b) wheel and axle c) screw d) lever
a) wedge b) screw c) inclined plane d) wheel and axle
An object needs to travel a set distance. In order to do more work, what must increase?
a) mass or acceleration b) time c) size d) speed
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