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where the longest and only war that the United States lost was fought
a) Vietnam b) Germany c) China d) Cuba
where the garded concrete wall separated Communist East Berlin from Non-communist West Berlin
a) Germany b) South Korea c) Vietnam d) China
Where President Richard Nixon visted and laid the groundwork for resuming trade
a) China b) Cuba c) Germany d) Vietnam
Where the standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union took place
a) Cuba b) South Korea c) Vietnam d) Germany
the country that the United States was successful in saving from communism
a) South Korea b) Germany c) Cuba d) Vietman
Civil Rights Act
a) 1964 b) 1948 c) 1969 d) 1959
Isreal's independance declared
a) 1948 b) 1964 c) 1969 d) 1963
President John F. Kennedy assassinated
a) 1963 b) 1969 c) 1959 d) 1964
American astronauts landed on the moon
a) 1969 b) 1959 c) 1964 d) 1963
Alaska and Hawaii became states
a) 1959 b) 1948 c) 1964 d) 1963
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