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Which of the following happens in the nervous system as a person ages?
a) Slowed heartbeat b) Decreased short-term memory c) Dementia d) Less lung expansion
The eyeball's inner lining, which detects light, is called
a) Retina b) Cornea c) Pituitary d) Thymus
Clouding of the lens of the eye is called
a) Retina b) Glaucoma c) Cataract d) PVD
A condition that causes a shuffling gait, blank facial expression, and tremors is
a) Parkinsons b) Alzheimers c) Diabetes d) Hypertension
A CVA (cerebro-vascular accident) is
a) Diabetes b) Hypertension c) Glaucoma d) Stroke
Sundowning is
a) Watching the sunset b) Getting more confused and agitated late in the day c) Taking a nap d) A muscular condition
Having paralysis on one side of the body is known as
a) Hemiplegia b) Quadriplegia c) Sundowning d) Paraplegia
Multiple sclerosis results in
a) Improved digestion b) Progressive loss of coordination c) Arrhythmia d) Deafness
A lethargic patient is
a) Drowsy b) Agitated c) Combative d) Hard of hearing
If your patient experiences weakness on one side, and one side of her mouth droops, you might suspect
a) Glaucoma b) Fracture c) Osteoporosis d) Stroke
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