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The Eightfold Path is also called the...
a) High way b) Low way c) Middle Way d) Eight part path
a) change b) always stay the same c) never change d) um...
When you find happiness, does it last?
a) Yep. Forever. b) Nope and you never find it again c) No, but you will find it again d) I don't know...
To end suffering _________
a) Follow nirvana b) Follow Eightfold Path c) Follow your heart d) Follow Buddhism
Which is NOT one of the 8 teachings of the Eightfold Path?
a) Right understanding b) Right action c) Right purpose d) Right Happiness
What are the Four Noble Truths?
a) Suffering, craving, give up cravings, Eightfold Path b) Suffering, anger, give up cravings, Eightfold Path c) Suffering, happiness, give up suffering, Eightfold Path d) Suffering, sleeping, give up sleeping, Eightfold Path
You can escape ________ by seeking _______
a) suffering; Eighfold Path b) happiness; nirvana c) monsters; Superman d) suffering; nirvana
What is nirvana?
a) Happiness and peace b) True happiness and peace c) True happiness and war d) True sadness and peace
Buddhism teaches that...
a) Life brings suffering b) Life brings anger c) Life brings sadness d) Life brings happiness
The Eightfold Path is made of...
a) 8 drawings b) 8 teachings c) 8 rocks d) 8 kinds of food
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