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To remove government regulations.
a) deregulate b) convergence c) universal service d) waveform
A device that allows Internet access using a television as a display.
a) convergence b) set-top appliance c) waveform d) SMIL
The process that enables previously separate tools to take on functions and features of the others.
a) universal service b) degregulate c) protocols d) convergence
The use of the Internet to complete real time voice communication.
a) convergence b) Internet telephony c) universal service d) wireless computers
The idea that all areas of the country and people of all income levels should have telephone.
a) universal service b) haptic interface c) standards d) high speed internet
Cable television customers may use a _______ to connect their televisions to the Internet.
a) wireless computers b) internet telephony c) set-top appliance d) deregulate
_______ technologies allow computers and cellular phones to combine features.
a) Personal Communication Service b) Universal Service Fund c) Telecommunications Act of 1996 d) LocalTalk
Internet telephony requires that all equipment follows the same _______.
a) numerical data b) animation c) graphics d) protocols
PDA's are examples of ______ in actions.
a) wireless computers b) cable television c) multiplayer online games d) internet faxing
The ______ helps people, schools, and communities get telecommunications services.
a) Fundamental Frequency b) Engineering Design Algorithm c) Telecommunications Act of 1996 d) Exponential Function
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