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Which two groups were used as labor sources/slaves in Latin America?
a) African and Native American slaves b) European slaves c) African slaves d) Native American slaves
What was the Columbian Exchange?
a) the moving of animals, plants, people and diseases from the Old World to the New World b) the moving of animals, plants, people and diseases from N. America to S. America c) the moving of animals, plants, people and diseases from America to Africa d) the moving of animals, plants, people and diseases from Columbus to Thomasville.
What is an effect slavery has on Latin America today?
a) Many Latin Americans have ancestors from Africa. b) Slavery exists in few Latin American countries. c) Latin America has no people with ancestors from Africa. d) The people of Latin America accept slavery as part of their lives.
How did African ethnic groups get to Latin America?
a) Europeans brought them as slaves. b) They were born there. c) Native Americans brought them as slaves. d) They flew in airplanes.
How did the Spanish government spread Roman Catholicism?
a) It paid to build mission to bring Christianity to the native population. b) The Catholic Church controlled Spain. c) Spanish royalty did not support the Catholic church. d) Churches from other parts of the world did not send missionsnaries to the New world.
What is the most common religion in Latin America today?
a) Roman Catholic b) Montezumanism c) Judaism d) Islam
Which pairs are correct in relation to men helping countries gain independence?
a) Miguel Hidalgo(Mexico), Simon Bolivar(S. America- Venezuela), T. L'Ouverture(Haiti, St. Domingue) b) Miguel Hidolgo(S. America-Venezuela), Simon Bolivar(Mexico), T. L'Ouverture (Haiti, St. Domingue) c) Miguel Hidalgo(Haiti), Simon Bolivar(S. America- Venezuela), T. L'Ouverture(Mexico) d) Miguel Hidolgo(S. America-Venezuela), Simon Bolivar(Haiti), T. L'Ouverture (Mexico)
Who did the Zapatistas support?
a) Native (indigenous) farmers b) European farmers c) United States farmers d) Canadian farmers
What were the Zapatistas against?
a) NAFTA b) Castro c) Corez d) Pizarro
Who was Hernan Cortes? Why was he famous?
a) spanish conquistador; defeated Montezuma and the Aztecs b) spanish conquistador; defeated Atahualpa and the Aztecs c) Aztec Ruler; defeated Montezuma and the Aztecs d) Inca Ruler, defeated the Aztecs
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