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The type of neuroglial cells found between neurons and blood vessels that join parts by numerous cellular processes are
a) microglial cells b) oligodendrocytes c) astrocytes d) ependymal cells
The neurilemma is composed of
a) nissl bodies b) myelin c) the cytoplasm and nuclei of Schwann cells d) neuron cell bodies
Divergence occurs when
a) an impulse is amplified and reaches different regions of the brain b) an additive effect is noted c) an impulse reaches different regions of the brain d) nerve fibers divide
The outer membrane covering the brain is composed of fibrous connective tissues and is called the
a) dura mater b) arachnoid mater c) pia mater d) periosteum
cerebrospinal fluid is found between the
a) vertebrae and the meninges b) arachnoid mater and the dura mater c) pia mater and the arachnoid mater d)
the spinal cord ends
a) at the sacrum b) between thoracic vertebrae 11 and 12 c) between lumbar vertebrae 1 and 2 d) at lumbar vertebra 5
Which of the following statements is/are true about the white matter in the spinal cord
a) a cross section of the cord reveals a core of white matter surrounded by gray matter b) the white matter is composed of myelinated nerve fibers and makes up nerve pathways called tracts c) the white matter carries sensory stimuli to the brain; the gray matter carries motor stimuli to the periphery d) the nerve fibers within spinal tracts arise from cell bodies located in the same part of the nervous system
The hemispheres of the cerebrum are connected by nerve fibers called the
a) corpus callosum b) falx cerebri c) tissue of Rolando d) tentorium
The thalamus and hypothalamus are parts of the brain located in the
a) midbrain b) pons c) medulla oblongata d) diencephalon
The part of the brain responsible for regulation of temperature and heart ratge, control of hunger, and regulation of fluid and electrolytes is the
a) thalamus b) hypothalamus c) medulla oblongata d) pons
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