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Tom has been swimming in the lake.
a) past perfect b) past intensive c) past d) present interrogative
George is the shortest.
a) linking b) past c) helping d) future
We sat down to eat the spaghetti.
a) past b) future c) present d) future perfect
Will the boy go to the park?
a) future b) future perfect c) future intensive d) obscure
We will go to the play.
a) Simple future b) future c) future perfect d) future modified
The boy ran down the road
a) past b) past perfect c) past intensive d) other
The boy runs down the road.
a) present b) present perfect c) past d) present intensive
They had been leaving for the past hour.
a) past perfect b) past c) past intensive d) linking
We will be going to the fair.
a) future perfect b) helping c) future intensive d) other
The house is haunted.
a) linking b) action c) predicate d) present perfect
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