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Sally skipped sideways
a) alliteration b) personification c) Simile d) Hyperbole
He fell forever
a) Idiom b) Oxymoron c) Simile d) Hyperbole
He ran as fast as a cheetah
a) Idiom b) Hyperbole c) metaphor d) simile
The cat danced
a) alliteration b) Oxymoron c) idiom d) personifacation
It came back to bite me in the butt
a) idiom b) alliteration c) oxymoron d) simile
The man threw him across the state
a) Idiom b) personification c) Metaphor d) Hyperbole
he was a rocket firing rapid darts of chocolate
a) Idiom b) metaphor c) personification d) Simile
The man on the bike sped past our house like a rocket
a) Idiom b) Simile c) Metaphor d) Alliteration
the woman shot across the street like she was on a line
a) Simile b) Idiom c) Oxymoron d) Personification
The dog jumped and ran on two legs across the lawn
a) alliteration b) Metaphor c) Personification d) Simile
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