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What percentage of young children died in medeival town?
a) 50% b) 25% c) 30% d) 0%
What was the job of an apothecarist?
a) Used leeches to cure your ailments b) Used herbs and natural substances - similar to a pharmacist today c) Made horsehoes d) Made cabinets
What was the term for the holes cut into the ceiling of a gatehouse?
a) Arrow Loops b) Hole drops c) Crenelations d) Murder holes
Where was the gatehouse in relation to the rest of the castle?
a) At the entrance b) In the middle c) In the Inner Ward d) Along the Inner Curtain
What activity was not done in the great hall of a castle?
a) Eating b) Sleeping c) Livestock area d) Courtroom
Who would serve the guests in the great hall?
a) Knights b) Pages c) Ladies d) Barons
Which piece of armor was made using many circular links of metal?
a) Chain mail b) Plate armor c) Sabatons d) Cuirass
What code directed the knights to be courageous, brave, and kind to the needy?
a) Code of Chivalry b) Code of Knighthood c) Code of Life d) Code of the Joust
What was the name of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting?
a) David b) Mona Lisa c) Sistine Chapel d) Sketch Painting
Michelangelo preferred to paint or sculpt?
a) Sculpt b) Paint c) d)
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