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Why were you not able to add as much sugar as you wanted to our rock candy experiment?
a) the solution was already saturated b) the water is too hot c) you didnt stir it up enough d) there was too much water
Lemonade with a lot of sugar in it would be considered more _________________ than lemonade with more water in it.
a) concentrated b) acidic c) basic d) weaker
_______________ makes food taste bitter.
a) bases b) acids c) soaps d) metals
_____________ makes food taste sour
a) acids b) bases c) metals d) soaps
Soap contains _________________ (found in bases) that dissolves dirt and grease
a) hydroxides b) hydronium ions c) metals d) elements
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about acidic solutions?
a) They taste bitter b) They conduct electricity c) They corrode some metals d) They carry electric charges
. ______________________ is a measurement that describes how much solute dissolves in a given amount of solvent.
a) Solubility b) Concentration c) Mixtures d) Saturation
A solution that contains all of the solute it can hold under the given conditions is said to a ______________________ solution.
a) Saturated b) Concentrated c) Soluble d) Mixed
The _________________________________________of a solution tells you how much of the solute is present in a solvent.
a) Concentration b) Saturation c) Solubility d) Mixture
________________ are substances that release positively charged hydrogen ions in water.
a) Acids b) Bases c) Solutes d) Solvents
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