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Water at room temperature can dissolve less salt than if the water is _________.
a) hot b) cold c) cool d) carbonated
Raisins in a cereal is an example of a _______________.
a) heterogeneous mixture b) homogeneous mixture c) solvent d) salt
Steel is a(n) _____________________.
a) alloy b) mixture c) liquid solution d) gas solution
A solution in which water is the solvent is called a(n) ________________ solution.
a) aqueous b) spontaneous c) sterile d) solid-solid
A carbonated drink, like a soda, is an example of a ____________ solution.
a) liquid-gas b) liquid-liquid c) gas-gas d) solid-solid
Another name for a homogeneous mixture is a _________________.
a) solution b) element c) heterogeneous mixture d) plasma
________________ are combinations of substances that are not bonded together and can be separated by physical processes.
a) Mixtures b) Elements c) Compounds d) Metals
A(n) ____________ is matter that has the same fixed composition and properties.
a) substance b) mixture c) combination d) mixture
Water is a(n) ________________________
a) compound b) element c) mixture d) metal
Water is said to be the universal solvent because it _________________.
a) can dissolve so many different solutes b) covers most of the planet c) is found everywhere on Earth d) is a non-polar molecule
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