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How do scientist study earth\\\'s interior?
a) direct and indirect evidence b) deep-ocean trenches c) outer space d) magnetic reversals
What are the three layers of the Earth?
a) crust, mantle, core b) mountains, astroids, Moho c) lithosphere, asthenosphere, mantle d) crust, Moho, core
What are seismic waves?
a) waves formed by earthquakes used to acquire evidence about earth b) waves formed in the ocean c) waves formed as a model d) waves formed by several layers
The process by which ocean floor sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle is called
a) subduction b) convection c) radiation d) Pangaea
Where is the lithosphere?
a) uppermost mantle b) inner core c) below the asthenosphere d) continental crust
How thick is the crust?
a) 5 -70km b) 1000 - 1216km c) 2000 - 2266km d) 2500 - 2,867km
What is the device used to record the echoes of the seafloor?
a) sonar b) radar c) radio d) seismograph
How does sea-floor spreading help support the idea that continents drift?
a) It provides explanation of how oceanic crust and continents could move b) It provides explanation of how convection currents form c) It provides explanation of how magnetic reversal occurs d) It provides explanation of how lithosphere and asthenosphere move
Where is the youngest ocean crust?
a) at the ridge center b) farthest from the ridge c) in the middle d) at the continent
What three types of evidence provided support for the theory of sea-floor spreading?
a) volcanic processes on the ocean floor, magnetic stripes in the sea-floor, age of ocean floor b) Pangea, indirect evidence, convection currents c) Moho, magnetic stripes, radiation d) convergent boundary, divergent boundary, transform boundary
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